Bluegrass Bible Institute


Welcome to the Bluegrass Bible Institute, a ministry of the
Grant County Church of Christ.

Jerry Carmichael and Lenny Santee started the Bluegrass Bible Institute in 2009. The goal was to combat the rampant Biblical illiteracy in our region and in society in general. At the time, three young men were interested in becoming preachers, and the program was started to train them to preach the truth; however, there was also an opportunity to reach out to the local community to teach them the Bible and hopefully give them a deeper understanding of it.


Students from various religious backgrounds attend classes of the Bluegrass Bible Institute. They do this because they know it will make them better people, better servants of God and better equipped to teach others. It is a privilege to teach them God’s Word.


Anyone who is interested in a deeper understanding of the Bible and related subjects is encouraged to attend. The classes are open to current and prospective preachers, Bible class teachers, Deacons, Elders, and anyone else who is interested in studying the Bible on a College level.


Classes are typically held for eight weeks in the spring and eight weeks in the fall. Tuition is FREE as a service of the Grant County church of Christ! Students are responsible for the cost of textbooks (approximately $30) and school supplies. Scholarships are available for those with financial Hardships.


Please pray for this additional effort to teach the "Book of Books" to all who are willing to learn its eternal, immutable precepts! For more information, contact Grant County church of Christ via phone, mail, email, or Facebook:


You may register by phone, mail, email or Facebook at:

Grant County Church of Christ
205 Hopperton Lane
Dry Ridge, KY 41035
(859) 824-6200